Chinese soldiers in front of computers

U.S. Says Chinese Hacking Activities Declined

U.S. Assistant Attorney General John Carlin said on Tuesday that Chinese hacking activity appears to have declined since the Chinese government vowed last September...
IRS building

IRS Shuts Down Service After More Cyber Attacks

The Internal Revenue Service has closed down its electronic filing PIN tool after noticing suspicious activity. The IRS said Thursday that it saw automated attacks...


German BND

Germany: Merkel Keeps Foreign Intelligence On A Tighter Leash

Germany has approved new measures to rein in the activities of its foreign intelligence agency after a scandal over improper collusion with the US...
Frederico Carvalhão - Portugal SIS

Portuguese NATO Spy And His Russian Handler Arrested

A Portuguese spy was arrested in Rome for passing Nato secrets to a Russian intelligence officer. The double agent, identified by the local media as Frederico Carvalhão,...
Snowden's russian ID

Snowden Files Fully Opened To Media Outlets

The full cache of secret documents from former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden is being opened to journalists and organizations willing to work with...


US Army soldiers during exercise Anakonda 2016

Poland: Anakonda 2016 Multinational Exercise Begins

Poland has kicked off its joint multinational exercise with heavy US Army participation in order to test readiness and interoperability using 31,000 soldiers from...