James Clapper - US Intelligence

Just months after reports that someone hacked CIA Director John Brennan’s personal email, a U.S. intelligence official is confirming that online personal accounts linked to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper also have been hacked.

An individual who spoke only on condition of anonymity said that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was aware of the hacking incident before it was first reported Tuesday by Motherboard, an online magazine and video channel on science and technology.

Motherboard reported that the same teenage hacker who broke into Brennan’s account also targeted Clapper.

The hacker, known as “Cracka,” contacted Motherboard and claimed to have infiltrated several accounts connected to Clapper, including his home telephone and internet and personal email, as well as his wife’s email.

“Cracka” then apparently set Clapper’s home number to forward calls to the co-founder of the Free Palestine Movement, Motherboard reported.