Dekab Health Hospital

Indiana Dekalb Health hospital reported that its computer systems is infected with ransomware.

A DeKalb Health spokesperson issued this statement:

DeKalb Health recently experienced a temporary disruption in the operation of our administrative computer system due to ransomware.

In order to best serve and protect our patients, we immediately implemented our standard down time operating procedures designed to ensure the best possible patient care. In select cases last week, patients were transferred to another hospital and EMS was rerouted to another facility to ensure all of the patients’ medical needs could be met. All patients received excellent care and the highest-caliber treatment.

“I am pleased to say many of our administrative systems are already back online. I am immensely proud of our entire staff. We anticipate administrative computer disruptions among other scenarios as part of our normal training and everyone did their jobs wonderfully.” – Craig Polkow, DeKalb Health CEO

We are investigating the matter with the support of a leading third party forensics firm. It is our goal to learn the facts and bring our systems completely back online as expeditiously as possible. Since the investigation is ongoing and we want to be sure you receive only accurate information, we cannot release further details until the investigation is closed. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.